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General Human Anatomy

Lecture 1: Organization of Body

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Organization of the body, Skeletal System, Muscular System; Hematology; Cardiology; Blood Vascular System; Lymphatic System; Respiratory System; Neurohistology; Development of Nervous System; Spinal Cord and Nerves; Peripheral Nerves; Sensory and Motor Pathways; Forebrain; Eye; Digestive and Urinary system; Endocrine System; Male and Female Reproductive System etc....

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annuciata akongo says :

Thank you very much for anatomy lecture.
Prof. Miriam

maghsoud says :

thanx u

shinichi kudo says :

i can't watch for anatomy lecture in your blog, How?


As a yoga teacher this is particularly interesting.

carl kuhl says :

I'm a practicing 60 year old dentist and just watched your lecture..........LOVED IT.........just made me wish I could go back to college and start it all over again......oh what a great time in life! Thanks

lyn says :

How do I download or watch the videos

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