Physics III Vibrations and Waves

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Lecture 1: Vibrations and Waves

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Course introduction by Dr. Walter Lewin to 8.03 Physics III: Vibrations and Waves, as taught in Fall 2004 by Dr. Lewin at MIT.This video was formerly hosted on the YouTube channel MIT OpenCourseWare.This version was downloaded from the Internet Archive, at MIT OpenCourseWareLicense: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 USTo view a copy of this license, visit information at YouTube channel is independently operated. It is not affiliated with MIT, MIT OpenCourseWare, the Internet Archive, or Dr. Lewin, nor do they endorse any content on this channel.

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Vibrations and Waves - Periodic Oscillations, Physical Pendulum - Beats, Damped Free Oscillations, Quality Q - Damped Forced Oscillations, Destructive Resonance - Forced Oscillations, Power, Transient Phenomena - Coupled Oscillators - Driven Coupled Oscillators and Cramer's Rule - Coupled Oscillators, Transverse Traveling Pulses - Traveling Waves, Sound Waves, and Energy in Waves - Musical Instruments, Sound Cavities, Normal Modes - Exam 1 Review - Fourier Analysis, Time Evolution of Pulses - Dispersion, Phase Velocity, Group Velocity - Electromagnetic Waves, Polarization - Accelerated Charges, Poynting Vector, and Power - Doppler Effect, Radiation, and Expanding Universe -Interactions of EM Waves with Perfect Conductors - Wave Guides, Resonance Cavities - Boundary Conditions for Dielectrics - Exam 2 Review - Huygens' Principle, Interference - Diffraction, Angular Resolution - Rainbows, Haloes, Coronae, Glories - Farewell

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