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Fundamentals of Physics II

Lecture 21: Thermodynamics

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This is the first of a series of lectures on thermodynamics. The discussion begins with understanding "temperature." Zeroth's law is introduced and explained. Concepts such as "absolute zero" and "triple point of water" are defined. Measuring temperature through a number of instruments is addressed as well as the different scales of measurement. The second half of the lecture is devoted to heat and heat transfer. Concepts such as "convection" and "conduction" are explained thoroughly.

Course Description :

Course Introduction and Newtonian Mechanics, Vectors in Multiple Dimensions, Newton's Laws of Motion, Work-Energy Theorem and Law of Conservation of Energy, Kepler's Laws, Law of Conservation of Momentum, Rotations, Torque, Introduction to Relativity, Lorentz Transformation, Four-Vector in Relativity, Simple Harmonic Motion, First, Second Law of Thermodynamics and Carnot's Engine, The Boltzmann Constant, entropy etc...

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