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Thermodynamics and Kinetics

Lecture 23: Colligative Properties

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State of a system, 0th Law, Equation of State - Work, heat, first law - Internal energy, expansion work - Enthalpy-Adiabatic Changes - Thermochemistry-Calorimetry-Second Law - Entropy and the Clausius Inequality - Fundamental equation, Absolute S, Third Law - Criteria for Spontaneous Change - Gibbs Free Energy - Multicomponent Systems, Chemical Potential -Chemical Equilibrium - Temperature, Pressure, and Kp - Equilibrium: Application to Drug Design - Phase Equilibria - One Component - Clausius - Clapeyron Equation - Phase Equilibria - Two Components

Ideal Solutions - Non-ideal Solutions - Colligative PropertiesIntroduction to Statistical Mechanics - Partition Function (q) - Large N limit - Statistical Mechanics and discrete energy levels - Model Systems - Applications: Chemical and Phase Equilibria -Introduction to Reaction Kinetics - Complex Reactions and Mechanisms - Steady-state Equilibrium Approximations - Chain Reactions - Temperature Dependence, Ea, Catalysis - Enzyme Catalysis - Autocatalysis and Oscillators

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