Computer Science III: Programming Paradigms

Stanford Course , Prof. Jerry Cain

Lecture 1: Introduction to Programming Paradigms Course

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Introduction to Programming Paradigms Course - Data Types - Interpretations - Converting Between Types of Different Sizes and Bit Representations Using Pointers - Creating a Generic Swap Function for Data Types of Arbitrary Size - Generic Lsearch - Prototype-Integer Stack Implementation - Constructor and Destructor-Problems with Ownership of Memory - Heap Management - How Information about Allocations are Stored in the Heap - How a Code Snippet is Translated into Assembly Instructions - More Detail about Activation Records - Layout of Memory During a Function Call - Moving from C Code Generation to C++ Code Generation: Basic Swap Example - Preprocessing Commands - Review of Compilation Process of a Simple Program

Sequential Programming vs. Concurrent Programming - transitioning from Sequential Programming to Concurrent Programming in the Ticket Sale Example - Semaphores-Review of the Dining Philosopher Problem - Ice Cream Store Problem - Introduction to the Functional Paradigm - Car - Cdr Recursion Problem - Introduction to the Kawa Development Environment: Evaluation of Expressions - Writing a Recursive Power Set Function in Scheme - Scheme Memory Model - Overarching Features of Python - Python Object Model - XML Processing and Python - Introduction to Haskell

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