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Material Science

Lecture 1: Introduction

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Introduction, Internal Energy Enthalpy, Crystal Geometry, Structure, Structure of Solid Materials, Non Crystalline Solids, Polymers, Crystal Imperfections, Phase Diagrams, Diffusion in Solids, Phase Transformations, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Plastic Deformation, Conductors and Resistors, Super Conductors, Semi-Conductors.

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phanindravfx says :

u r sight is excellent somany friends i refer about this but suddenly iam not able to download the videos from u r site what happend i dont know but so many sites they gave very flexy bil ty to down load pls make it our friends communitys are fans of this site pls grow it pls improve defaults of this or else we cont refer others

mayur says :

very good lecture videos for easly understanding ,interesting

zmadscientist says :

Lectures 1 thru 14 are very goodHowever lectures 15-36 the audio is too distorted - sounds like the speaker was speaking into a tin can - the audio is so bad on the last lectures that I cannot recommend this lecture series.Please - can the administrators clean the audio on the second half of lectures number 15 - 36?The series would seem to be very good based on the evidence from the first 14 lectures but again the audio quality for the rest really need serious attention.

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