Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming

IIT Madras Course , Prof. P. B. Sunil Kumar

Lecture 1: Programing Basics

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Introduction to Pointers-Programing Basics-Pointers And Arrays-External Functions and Argument Passing - Representation of Numbers-Numerical Error-Error Propagation and Stability-Polynomial Interpolation-Error In Interpolation Polynomial-Polynomial Interpolation - Cubic Spline Interpolation-Data Fitting : Linear Fit,non linear -Matrix Elimation and Solution-Solution To Linear Equations-Matrix Elimination - Eigen Values of A Matrix-Eigen Values And Eigen Vectors-Solving NonLinear Equations,Equations Newton Rapson Method-Methods For Solving NonLinear Equations

System of NonLinear Equations-Numerical Derivations-High order Derivatives From Difference Formula-Numerical Integration - Basic Rules - Comparison of Different Basic Rules-Gaussian Rules-Comparison of Gaussian Rules-Solving Ordinary Differential Equations-Adaptive step size Runge Kutta scheme - Partial Differential Equations-Explicit and Implicit Methods-The Crank - Nicholson Scheme For Two Spatial-Fourier Transforms-Fast Fourier Transforms

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