Top 10 Things You Must Have to Start a Business

Stanford Course , Prof. Frank Levinson's

Lecture 1: Startups that Fail: Netek

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Startups that Fail: Netek -Top 10 Must Have For a Start-up - Invest in Great People and Great Equipment - Not Furniture! - Naming Your Company: Put Up a Sign - You Need Little Capital - Businesses Must Have Customers - Whatever it Takes to Stay in Business - You Need a Supportive Family - Follow Standards - Develop a Culture Where New Ideas Are Expected - Real Sales and Customers in Business - Choosing your Business Partner - Why are Ethics Important? - Communicate with Customers - Creating Win-Win Relationships With Large Customers - Sustenance of Growth Rate - Why Go Public? - Was Finisar a Technology Looking for a Problem, or a Problem Looking for a Technology - Operational Experience Before Starting a New Venture - Hiring Ethical People - Innovate Fast and Keep The Team Small and Focused - How Does Going Public Change You and Your Company? - Envisioning The Future For Optics - Changing Finisar Technology and Business Practices - Importance of Family In Building a Start-up - Managing The Leverage of Customer Input on Product Development

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