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Aircraft Systems Engineering

Lecture 13: Environmental Control Systems

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The Origins of the Space Shuttle - Space Shuttle History - Orbiter Sub-System Design - The Decision to Build the Shuttle - Orbiter Structure + Thermal Protection System -Propulsion - Space Shuttle Main Engines - Aerodynamics - (From Sub - to Hypersonic and Back) - Landing and Mechanical Systems - OMS, RCS, Fuel Cells, Auxiliary Power Unit and Hydraulic Systems - The DoD and the Space Shuttle

Use of Subsystems as a Function of Flight Phase - Aerothermodynamics - Environmental Control Systems - Ground Operations - Launching the Shuttle - Space Shuttle Accidents - Guidance, Navigation and Control - Mission Control - Design Process as it Relates to the Shuttle - EVA and Robotics on the Shuttle - Systems Engineering for Space Shuttle Payloads - Test Flying the Space Shuttle - Exemplary Lecture: Shuttle Operations Video

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