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Internet Technology

Lecture 1: Introduction To Internet

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Introduction To Internet - Review Of Network Technologies -TCP/IP-IP Subnetting and Addressing -Internet Routing Protocol - Client Server Concepts DNS,Telnet,Ftp - E mail-World Wide Web Part -World Wide Web Part - HTML - Extensible Markup Language (XML) - Html Forms - Image Maps - CGI Scripts-Other Technologies - PERL - Javascript Examples - Using Cookies - Java Applets -Client-Server - Programming In Java-Intranet, Extranet, Firewall - Basic Cryptographic Concepts - eCommerce - Streaming Multimedia Applications - Internet Telephony - Search Engine And Web Crawler

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daryl.haataja@gmail.com says :

I'm an older american (54) attempting to study and understand computer networking. I attended and completed just the 1st Semester of Cisco (1), and related courses. I'm out of money, so I'm in self-study. Thank you, so very much for making these lectures available. The english is very good, and expanitory. I'm visiting as many of these type of sites to view and/or listen (text to speech). I'm hoping, and fairly confident, the repeated exercises, with various ways of conveying the same content, will sink in.

Again, Thank you. I hope there is something I can contribute to the field as time goes on.

Daryl Haataja

Faly says :

I am to be in contact with you.
I am establishing an University for Poor rural Communities in Madagascar.

I am wondering if you can partner with me.
yours sincerely

amitg6991 says :

Dear sir
i am so delighted to attend your video lecture your lectures are boost my confidence level i am so thankful to you for this video lecture during my graduation i was not got that link but it's not too late for me i am in post graduation now so for making a good career this lecture is so helpful for me. in one sentence i love you sir. you are like a god for me . and i will be more happy if i will be meet .

your pupil

V.RaviKumar says :

we are very thankful to you of your valuable lectures!

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