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Internet Technology

Lecture 1: Introduction To Internet

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Course Description :

Introduction To Internet, TCP/IP, IP Subnetting and Addressing, Internet Routing Protocol, Client Server Concepts DNS, Telnet, Ftp, HTML, Extensible Markup Language (XML), CGI Scripts, PERL, Javascript, Java Applets, Basic Cryptographic Concepts, eCommerce, Internet Telephony, Search Engine And Web Crawler.

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Comments says :

I'm an older american (54) attempting to study and understand computer networking. I attended and completed just the 1st Semester of Cisco (1), and related courses. I'm out of money, so I'm in self-study. Thank you, so very much for making these lectures available. The english is very good, and expanitory. I'm visiting as many of these type of sites to view and/or listen (text to speech). I'm hoping, and fairly confident, the repeated exercises, with various ways of conveying the same content, will sink in.

Again, Thank you. I hope there is something I can contribute to the field as time goes on.

Daryl Haataja

Faly says :

I am to be in contact with you.
I am establishing an University for Poor rural Communities in Madagascar.

I am wondering if you can partner with me.
yours sincerely

amitg6991 says :

Dear sir
i am so delighted to attend your video lecture your lectures are boost my confidence level i am so thankful to you for this video lecture during my graduation i was not got that link but it's not too late for me i am in post graduation now so for making a good career this lecture is so helpful for me. in one sentence i love you sir. you are like a god for me . and i will be more happy if i will be meet .

your pupil

V.RaviKumar says :

we are very thankful to you of your valuable lectures!

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