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Digital Image Processing (IIT Kharagpur)

Lecture 1: Introduction

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Course Description :

Introduction, Image Digitization, Pixel Relationships, Transformations, Pixel Relationships, Image Interpolation, Image Transformation, Fourier Transformation, Discrete Cosine Transform, K-L Transform, Image Enhancement, Image Restoration, Image Registration, Color Image Processing, Image Segmentation, Mathematical Morphology, Object Representation and Object Recognition.

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aijazmona says :

Excellant lecture

RBRPrasad says :

please provide lecture notes.on digital image processing.

Ishita says :

Digital image processing course is very popular within the students. Digital image processing currently use for various applications. This application involves image preprocessing, image corrections, image restoration, as well as applying various classification algorithms. This topic is very helpful for any student, It gives us the full curriculum.


Excellent Description of the image processing concepts through their mathematical background.

ayyappa says :


naveed says :

I need Digital Image Processing video lectures

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