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Digital Signal Processing (IIT Delhi)

Lecture 12: Z Transform

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Lecture Details :

Lecture Series on Digital Signal Processing by Prof.S. C Dutta Roy, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. For More details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Course Description :

Introduction - Digital Systems - Characterization Description,Testing of Digital Syst - LTI Systems Step & Impulse Responses,Convolution - Inverse Systems,Stability,FIR & IIR-FIR & IIR; Recursive & Non Recursive - Discrete Time Fourier Transform - DFT (Contd.) Introduction to Z Transform - Discrete Time Systems in the Frequency Domain - Simple Digital Filters - All Pass Filters,Com.Filters - Linear Phase filters,Complementary Transfer Fn - Test for Stability using All Pass Functions - Digital Processing of Continuous Time Signals

Problem Solving Session: FT, DFT,& Z Transforms - Analog Filter Design - LPF Design - Transformations - analog frequency Transformation - Problem Solving Session on Discrete Time System - Digital Filter Structures - IIR Realizations - All Pass Realizations - Lattice Synthesis (Contd.) - FIR Lattice Synthesis and Digital Filter Design - IIR Design by Bilinear Transformation - Digital to Digital Frequency Transformation - FIR Digital Filter Design by Windowing & Frequency Sampling - Solving Problems on DSP Structures - FIR Design by Frequency Sampling

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