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Lecture 39: Latch - up in CMOS

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Introduction - BJT Fabrication - MOSFET Fabrication for IC - Crystal Structure of Si-Defects in Crystal + Crystal growth - Vapour phase Epitaxy - Doping during Epitaxy-Molecular beam Epitaxy - Kinetics of Oxidation - Oxidation rate constants - dopant Redistribution - Oxide Charges - Theory of Diffusion - Infinite Source - Actual Doping Profiles - Diffusion Systems-Ion - Implantation Process-Annealing of Damages - Masking during Implantation - Lithography.

Wet Chemical Etching - Dry Etching - Plasma Etching Systems-Etching of Si,Sio2,SiN and other materials - Plasma Deposition Process-Metalization - Problems in Aluminium Metal contacts - IC BJT - From junction isolation to LOCOS - Problems in LOCOS + Trench isolation - More about BJT Fabrication and Realization - Circuits + Transistors in ECL Circuits - MOSFET I - Metal gate vs Self-aligned Poly-gate,Tailoring of Device Parameters - CMOS Technology - latch - up in CMOS-BICMOS Technology

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