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Analog ICs

Lecture 4: Differential Amplifier

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Basic Building Blocks In Analog ICs - Current Mirrors - Translinear Networks - Differential Amplifier - Differential Amplifier Characteristics - Video Amplifier and RF/IF Amplifiers - Cascode Amplifier - IC Negative Feedback Wide Band Amplifiers - IC Negative Feedback Amplifiers - Voltage Sources And References - IC Voltage Regulator - Characteristics and Parameters Of Voltage Regulator - Protection Circuitry For Voltage Regulator - Switched Mode Regulator And Operational Amplifier - IC Operational Voltage Amplifier - General Purpose Operational Amplifier-747 - Transconductance Operational Amplifier - Audio Power Amplifier and Nortons Amplifier - Analog Multipliers - Voltage Controlled Oscillator - Self Tuned Filter - Phase Locked Loop - Current Mode ICs

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