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Industrial Automation and Control

Lecture 18: Introduction to Sequence Control, PLC , RLL

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Introduction - Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems - Measurement Systems Characteristics - Temperature Measurement - Pressure, Force and Torque Sensors - Motion Sensing - Flow Measurement - Signal Conditioning - Data Acquisition Systems - Introduction to Automatic Control - PID Control-PID Control Tuning - Feedforward Control Ratio Control - Time Delay Systems and Inverse Response Systems - Special Control Structures - Concluding Lesson on Process Control

Introduction to Sequence Control, PLC , RLL - Sequence Control. Scan Cycle,Simple RLL Programs - Sequence Control More RLL Elements RLL Syntax-A Structured Design Approach to Sequence - PLC Hardware Environment - Introduction To CNC Machines - Contour generation and Motion Control - Flow Control Valves - Hydraulic Control Systems - Industrial Hydraulic Circuit - Pneumatic Control Systems - Energy Savings with Variable Speed Drives - DC Motor Drives - DC and BLDC Servo Drives - Induction Motor Drives - Step Motor Drives BLDC Drives - Embedded Systems - The Fieldbus Network - Higher Level Automation Systems -Course Review and Conclusion

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