University Calculus

The University of New South Wales Course , Prof. Chris Tisdell

Lecture 1: How to solve inequalities. Chris Tisdell UNSW Sydney

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Lecture Details :

I present a simple example of how to solve a basic inequality arising in calculus and the theory of functions. Such ideas are seen in first-year university or high school mathematics.

Inequalities are used in virtually all areas of mathematics and its applications. A good understanding of inequality techniques empower us to solve more difficult problems where inequalities arise (eg: in optimization; in linear programming; in error bounds for numerical approximation etc).

Course Description :

How to solve inequalities - Sketching graphs of reciprocal functions - Domain and range of a function - Limits of functions & their evaluation - One-sided limits of functions & their evaluation - Continuity of a function - an example - Differentiability of a function - an example

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