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Justice Series : Whats the Right thing to do

Lecture 1: Justice: Whats The Right Thing To Do Episode 01

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Adam says :

All the links for these lecture are NOT working properly.
Please fix the problem.
Thank you.

William says :

Each link on the right to a new episode only brings up Episode 1. None of the links seem to load the proper episode number, but instead loads the first episode. Am I the only user with this issue?

Louise says :

I have tried to watch this series of 12 videos at varing times and it still is not working. No matter which number in the series you try to play the first video comes up. Please fix and let us know when it is corrected.

admin says :

Hi all,

All the videos are working correctly.

Please check them now.

patrick christ says :

what is my durty at that apon time and what is the rigth apon time into the crimme envaroment.

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