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Lecture 1: Amino Acids I

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Amino Acids - Protein Structure - Enzymes - Enzyme Mechanisms - Myoglobin and Hemoglobin - Lipids and Membranes - Membrane Transport - Carbohydrates - Vitamins and Coenzymes - Nucleic Acids - Bioenergetics -Metabolism - Overview of the Course

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sus says :

just let me a look over these topics....

Luzminda Refuerzo says :

Dear Dr. Dasgupta,

I would like to thank you for sharing all your biochemistry lectures here at youtube. I really appreciate that you posted all your lectures that made all the topics CLEAR for those students who hate biochemistry a lot. After watching your lecture series I clearly understand each topic and pretty confident to have good background on it. I am trying to refresh my memories about basics of biochemistry (which I took 14 yrs ago maybe) and it even made it clearer through your presentation.

I will tell my friends to watch you videos if they had difficulty too in understanding biochemistry. I wish you good health and long life so that you may generously share more to others the talent that God had given you! You are truly a knowledgeable and with a good heart too!

I wish all professor could explain the way you do Ma'am!


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