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Lecture 29: Van Der Waals Forces

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Van Der Waals Forces: London Dispersion Forces, Dipole Attractions, and Hydrogen Bonds.

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Introduction to the atom-Orbitals - More on orbitals and electron configuration - Electron Configurations - Valence Electrons - Groups of the Periodic Table-Periodic Table Trends: Ionization Energy - Other Periodic Table Trends-Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonds - Molecular and Empirical Formulas - The Mole and Avogadro's Number - Formula from Mass Composition - Another mass composition problem - Balancing Chemical Equations - Stoichiometry - Stoichiometry: Limiting Reagent-Ideal Gas Equation: PV=nRT-Ideal Gas Equation Example 1-Partial Pressure-States of Matter

Specific Heat, Heat of Fusion and Vaporization - Chilling Water Problem - Phase Diagrams-Van Der Waals Forces - Covalent Networks, Metallic, and Ionic Crystals - Vapor Pressure-Suspensions, Colloids and Solutions -Solubility - Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Supression - Introduction to Kinetics - Reactions in Equilibrium - Mini-Video on Ion Size-Keq Intuition (mathy and not necessary to progress) - Heterogenous Equilibrium -Le Chatelier's Principle - Introduction to pH, pOH, and pKw-Acid Base Introduction-pH, pOH of Strong Acids and Bases-pH of a Weak Acid-pH of a Weak Base-Conjugate Acids and Bases - pKa and pKb Relationship - Buffers - Strong Acid Titration

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