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Lecture 5: Multiplying fractions (old)

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Multiplying fractions

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Negative numbers introduction - Adding/subtracting negative numbers - Multiplying and dividing negative numbers - Adding and subtracting fractions - Multiplying fractions (old) - Dividing fractions - Introduction to order of operations - Order of operations: PEMDAS - Exponents - Negative exponent intuition - Exponent rules - Simplifying radicals - Introduction to Logarithms - Unit conversion within the metric system - Speed translation - Introduction to logarithm properties - Introduction to scientific notation - Scientific notation examples - Introduction to ratios - Unit conversion word problem: drug dosage - Common divisibility examples - Binary Numbers - Binary, Decimal and Hexadecimal Number Systems - Number Base Conversion Practice - Significant figures - More on significant figures - Multiplying and dividing with significant figures - Addition and subtraction with significant figures - Pure Numbers and Significant Digits - Ordering negative numbers - Comparing absolute values - Comparing and ordering fractions - Inverse property of multiplication - Inverse property of addition - Interpreting linear graphs word problems example

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