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Lecture 18: Normal Distribution Excel Exercise

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Lecture Details :

(Long-26 minutes) Presentation on spreadsheet to show that the normal distribution approximates the binomial distribution for a large number of trials.

Course Description :

The Average - Sample vs. Population Mean - Variance of a Population - Sample Variance - Standard Deviation - Alternate Variance Formulas - Introduction to Random Variables - Probability Density Functions - Binomial Distribution -Expected Value: E(X) - Expected Value of Binomial Distribution: Statistics

Poisson Process - Law of Large Numbers - Normal Distribution Excel Exercise - Introduction to the Normal Distribution Problems: Qualitative sense of normal distributions,z-score - Empirical Rule - Standard Normal Distribution and the Empirical Rule-ck12.org: More Empirical Rule and Z-score practice - Central Limit Theorem - Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean - Standard Error of the Mean

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