Engineering Mechanics ( IIT Guwahati)

IIT Guwahati Course , Prof. G.Saravana Kumar

Lecture 1: Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics

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Lecture Series on Engineering Mechanics by Prof.U.S.Dixit, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Fundamentals Of Engineering Mechanics - Equations of Equilibrium - Truss Analysis Part-2-Analysis of Frames&Machines - Internal Forces - Internal Forces in Beams - Cables - Friction - Application of Friction Part - Centroids&Center of Mass - Product of Inertia, Rotation of Axis and Principle Moments of Inertia

Second Moment of Mass - Principle of Virtual Work - Systems with Friction - Potential Energy - Stability of Equilibrium - Kinematics of a Particles - Relative Motion - Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies -Impulse and Momentum - direct and Oblique Impulse - Plane Kinetics of Rigid Bodies - Kinetics of a Body - Method of Momentum and Analysis of Robot Manipulator - Kinematics in 3D-Free Vibration -Vibration of Rigid Bodies Part - Some Problems of Vibration

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