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Student Performances 12 04 2009

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This class explores composition and arrangement for the large jazz ensemble from 1920s foundations to current postmodern practice. Consideration given to a variety of styles and to the interaction of improvisation and composition. Study of works by Basie, Ellington, Evans, Gillespie, Golson, Mingus, Morris, Nelson, Williams, and others. Open rehearsals, workshops, and performances of student compositions by the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra

Identify all tones in the sax section that are not included in the chord symbol given in piano part, i.e., extensions, etc - Indicate the configuration of the voicing for each chord, e.g. 11 - #9 - 3 - 7 - R - p. 88 INSET - Identify as above, for sax section, adding in brass at letter F (mm.73, 74) - Also, note all "couplings" ** Please do this for mm. 67 - 70, 73 and 74 - p. 89 INSET Identify as above, for sax and brass, noting couplings - Please do this for mm. 75 - 78 and 80 - pp. 90-91 Study letter H, note the approach used here

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