New Testament History and Literature

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Lecture 1: Introduction: Why Study the New Testament?

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Introduction to New Testament (RLST 152)

This course approaches the New Testament not as scripture, or a piece of authoritative holy writing, but as a collection of historical documents. Therefore, students are urged to leave behind their pre-conceived notions of the New Testament and read it as if they had never heard of it before. This involves understanding the historical context of the New Testament and imagining how it might appear to an ancient person.

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This course was recorded in Spring 2009.

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Introduction: Why Study the New Testament? - From Stories to Canon - The Greco-Roman World - Judaism in the First Century - The New Testament as History - The Gospel of Mark - The Gospel of Matthew - The Gospel of Thomas - The Gospel of Luke - The Acts of the Apostles - Johannine Christianity: the Gospel - Johannine Christianity: the Letters - The Historical Jesus - Paul as Missionary - Paul as Pastor - Paul as Jewish Theologian - Paul's Disciples - Arguing with Paul? - The "Household" Paul: the Pastorals - The "Anti-household" Paul: Thecla - Interpreting Scripture: Hebrews - Interpreting Scripture: Medieval Interpretations - Apocalyptic and Resistance - Apocalyptic and Accommodation - Ecclesiastical Institutions: Unity, Martyrs, and Bishops - The "Afterlife" of the New Testament and Postmodern Interpretation

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