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Sustainagility - how innovation will help save world

Lecture 1: Sustainagility: innovation will help save world. Sustainable business - future

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Lecture Details :

http://www.globalchange.com Environment, innovation, agility, business. Video of Patrick Dixon at Globe Forum 2009. Sustainable business and how green technology will help sustainability, climate change, global warming, water shortages, food shortages, transport, energy, fuel, cities. Future aviation, travel, rail, cars, tourism, corporate travel, heating, lighting, heat pumps. Solar cells, wind power, biofuels, alternatiive energy generation. Future of coil, oil, gas and nuclear power. Electric vehicles. Green living. Protecting rainforests. Why climate change and other sustainability issues can be solved. Costs of global warming action. Marketing of green tech. Open innovation and crowdsourcing. Leadership of business and government. Government regulation, politics and political agreement. Activists and campaigning.

Course Description :

Videos based on theme of Sustainagility book by Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki. Future of travel, future of energy industry, future of aviation, future of rail, future of shipping, future of road and freight / logistics. How to protect rain forests and feed the world population. Dealing with water shortages. Future of manufacturing, the oil industry, biofuels, coal and gas. Carbon capture, carbon taxes and carbon trading as mechanisms to fund action on climate change, CO2 emissions and global warming. Environment and environmental groups, activists and political action, government regulation and compliance.Sustainability companies.

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