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MA 103 - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics

Lecture 13: Apportionment: Hamilton's Method

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Preference Ballots: plurality Borda Count - Plurality with Elimination - Ranking - Weighted Voting Systems - Banzhaf Power Index - Shapley Shubik Power Index - Fair Division: Divider Choose ane Lone Divider - Lone Choose Last Diminisher - Sealed Bids - Method of Markers - Apportionment: Hamilton's Method - Jefferson's, Adam's Method - Webster's Method-Review of Chapters 3 and 4 - Introduction Graph Theory - Euler Paths and Circuits

Eulerization - Hamilton Circuits - Traveling Salesman Problem: Brute Force Method Nearest Neighbor Algorithm - Repetitive Nearest Neighbor Algorithm and Cheapest Link Algorithm - Graph Coloring -Spanning Trees Kruskal's Algorithm - steiner Points - Scheduling, Decreasing Time Algorithm - Critical Path Algorithm - Independent Tasks Bin Packing - Fibonacci Numbers - Gnomons - Linear Growth -Exponential Growth and Compound Interest - Fractals - Final Review

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