Microprocessor Systems

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Microprocessor Systems Lecture 6 - Dr. Michael Brady, School of Computer Science and Statistics.

Microprocessor Systems 1 is a one-semester course taken by third year Electronic, Electronic/Computer and Computer Engineering students. It covers the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of a typical microprocessor- based computer, the Motorola MC68000, and equips students with a knowledge of the architecture, the associated assembly language, input/output programming techniques, exceptions (including interrupts) and exception-handling techniques. The module concludes with a simple introduction to the bus and instruction timing estimation.
This course is intended to enable students to design and develop programmes and programme 'architectures', to test and debug programs and to analyse and modify their execution behaviour, based on a thorough familiarity with the low-level architecture of a computer. Concepts such as RISC/CISC architectures, register sets, addressing modes, data structures, subroutines, [informal] high-level to low-level language translation techniques, polling, interrupt priorities, asynchronous producer-consumer systems are introduced.

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