Heat Transfer

IIT Guwahati Course , Prof. Aloke Kumar Ghosal

Lecture 1: Introduction to heat transfer

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Introduction to conductive, convective, and radiation heat transfer; heat transfer coefficient.

Course Description :

Introduction to heat transfer - General heat conduction equation -One dimensional steady state conduction in rectangular coordinate,cylindrical and spherical coordinate - ritical and optimum insulation - Extended surface heat transfer - Analysis of lumped parameter model - Transient heat flow in semi infinite solid - Infinite body subjected to sudden convective - Graphical solutions of unsteady state heat conduction problem - Dimensional analysis for forced convection - Heat transfer co-relations for laminar and internal flows - Co-relation for turbulent and external flows - Heat transfer co-relations for flow across tube banks - Momentum and heat transfer analogies - Boundary layer heat transfer - Boundary layer equations

Approximate analysis in boundary layer - Theoretical concepts of natural / free convention heat transfer - Emperical relations for free convention heat transfer - Condensation heat transfer over vertical plate - Fundamentals of boiling heat transfer - Boiling heat transfer co-relations - Classification of heat exchangers - Various types of shell and tube heat exchangers - Various types of compact heat exchangers - Effectiveness-NTU, method of heat exchanger analysis - Design of double pipe heat exchanger - Design of shell and tube heat exchanger - Introduction to evaporation and evaporators - Evaporation principles and evaporator performance - Evaporator calculations - Introduction to radiation heat transfer - Radiation intensity and radiation view factor - Radiation heat exchange - Radiation shield and gas radiation

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