RF Integrated Circuits

IIT Delhi Course , Prof. Shouribrata Chatterjee

Lecture 1: RF system basic architectures

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RF Integrated Circuits by Dr. Shouribrata Chatterjee, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.iitm.ac.in

Course Description :

Introduction : RF systems basic architectures - Transmission media and reflections - Maximum power transfer
Passive RLC Networks : Parallel RLC tank, Q - Series RLC networks, matching - Pi match, T match
Passive IC Components : Interconnects and skin effect - Resistors, capacitors - Inductors
Review of MOS Device Physics : MOS device review
Distributed Systems : Transmission lines, reflection coefficient - The wave equation, examples - Lossy transmission lines - Smith charts plotting gamma

High Frequency Amplifier Design : Bandwidth estimation using open-circuit time constants - Bandwidth estimation using short-circuit time constants - Risetime, delay and bandwidth - Zeros to enhance bandwidth - Shunt-series amplifiers, tuned amplifiers - Cascaded amplifiers
Noise : Thermal noise, flicker noise review - Noise figure

LNA Design : Intrinsic MOS noise parametes - Power match versus noise match - Large signal performance, design examples & Multiplier based mixers
Mixer Design : Subsampling mixers
RF Power Amplifiers : Class A, AB, B, C amplifiers - Class D, E, F amplifiers - RF Power amplifier design examples
Voltage controlled oscillators : Resonators - Negative resistance oscillators

Phase locked loops : Linearized PLL models - Phase detectors, charge pumps - Loop filters, PLL design examples
Frequency synthesis and oscillators : Frequency division, integer-N synthesis - Fractional frequency synthesis

Phase noise : General considerations - Circuit examples
Radio architectures : GSM radio architectures - CDMA, UMTS radio architectures

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