Structural Dynamics

IIT Bombay Course , Prof. P. Banerji

Lecture 1: Introduction,Structural Dynamics

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Structural Dynamics by Dr. P. Banerji, Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Bombay.For more details on NPTEL visit

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Introduction : Types of dynamic loads - Basic background of methods available and motivation for structural dynamics.
Dynamics of Single Degree-of-Freedom Structures : Dynamic equation of equilibrium - Free vibration of single degree of freedom systems - Forced vibration: harmonic and periodic loadings - Dynamic response functions, force transmission and vibration isolation - SDOF response to arbitrary functions.

Numerical Evaluation of Dynamic Response of SDOF Systems : Time domain analysis: finite difference methods - Frequency domain analysis: basic methodology.
Earthquake Response of SDOF Systems : Earthquake excitation, response history and construction of response spectra - Response spectrum characteristics, tripartite plot, and design spectrum - Multi Degree of Freedom Systems - Basics : Dynamic equations of equilibrium - static condensation - Symmetricplan and plan-asymmetric systems.

Free Vibration Response of MDOF Systems : Undamped systems: natural modes and their properties - Numerical solution for the eigenvalue problem - Solution of free vibration response for undamped systems - Free vibration analysis of systems with damping.
Dynamic Analysis of Linear MDOF Systems : Introduction, modal analysis - Response-history for earthquake excitations using modal analysis - Response spectrum analysis for peak responses - Concept of Caughey damping as a general type of proportional damping.

Generalized Single Degree of Freedom Systems : Basic concepts, mass-spring system - Lumped mass systems - Systems with distributed mass and elasticity - Rayleighs method, shape function selection.
Introduction to Dynamics of Continuous Systems : Equations of motions for axial vibration of a beam - Equations of motion for flexural vibration of a beam - Free vibration analysis - Introduction to forced vibration analysis using modal superposition method.

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