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Lecture 1: CS 61B Lecture 1 - Course Overview

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Lecture Details :

CS 61B: Data Structures - Fall 2006

Instructor: Jonathan Shewchuk

Fundamental dynamic data structures, including linear lists, queues, trees, and other linked structures; arrays strings, and hash tables. Storage management. Elementary principles of software engineering. Abstract data types. Algorithms for sorting and searching. Introduction to the Java programming language.

Course Description :

Course Overview -Using Objects - Defining Classes - Types and Conditionals - Iteration and Arrays - Linked Lists - Stack Frames -Testing - Inheritances - Abstract Classes - Java Packages - Exceptions -More Java - Game Trees - Encapsulation - Encapsulated Lists - Asymptotic Analysis - Algorithm Analysis - Hash Tables - Stacks and Queues - Trees and Traversals - Priority Queues - Binary Search Trees - Balanced Search Trees - Graphs - Weighted Graphs - Sorting - Disjoint Sets - Sortings - Splay Trees - Amortized Analysis - Randomized Analysis - Expression Parsing - Garbage Collection - Augmenting Data Structures

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