COP 2220 C Programming

Other Course , Prof. Colin Archibald

Lecture 1: COP2220 01 C Programming Getting Started

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C Programming Getting Started,More Data Types and Mixed Type Expressions,Input Output,Selection if-else switch,Logical and Compound Operators,Repetition while do-while for.

Problem Solving with Selection and Repetition,Arrays,Problem Solving with Arrays,Functions and Decomposition,Problem Solving with Functions,Bubble Sort and Binary Search,Pointers,Revisit Functions Pass by Value or Reference,Problem Solving with Pass by Reference.

Pointers and Arrays,Characters and Strings,More Problem Solving with Arrays,Structs - User Defined Types,Pointers to Structs,Problem Solving with Structs,Dynamic Memory Allocation,Problem Solving with Dynamic Memory,File Input Output,Problem Solving with Files.

Appendix : Installing Visual C++ Express,Binary Numbers,Hexadecimal Numbers.

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