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Digital Hardware Design

Lecture 1: Introduction - I

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Video Lectures on Digital Hardware Design by Prof. M. Balakrishnan

Course Description :

Introduction - Introduction of Combinational Circuit Design - Combinational Circuit Design Using MSI Blocks - Combinational Circuit Using Multiple Module - Iterative Circuits - Logic Minimization Tabular Methods - Sequential Circuits: Definitions and Classification - Sequential Circuits: State Equivalance and Minimization - State Machine Synthesis - State Machine Implementation Using Registers & Counters

Multiple State Machine Implementation and Clock Period - Designing with Memories - System Design Case Studies - Asynchronous Sequential Circuit - Asynchronous Sequential Circuit Design - State Assignment in Asynchronous Circuit - Microprogrammed Control - Microprogrammed Control Design - Microsequencer Design

Microprogram Optimization - Microinstruction Optimization - Introduction to VHDL - VHDL Modeling Styles - Behavioral Description in VHDL - Data Flow and Behavioral Modeling - Testing of Digital Circuits - Test Generation Methods - Boolean Difference and D - Algorithm

D - Algorithm - Testing of Sequential Circuits - Signature Analysis & Built - in - Self - Test (BIST) - Multi - Level Logic Synthesis - Low Power Design - Behavioral Synthesis - System Level Design & Modeling

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