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Lecture 1: Introduction to Geometry - 1 - Congruence and Naming Properties of Segments

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Congruence and Naming Properties of Segments,Naming and Classifying Angles,Congruence & Addition Properties of Angles,Special Angle Pairs,Classifying Triangles by Sides,Classifying Triangles by Angles,Interior Angles of Triangles,Two Triangle Inequality,Square and Square Roots,Right Triangles (Pythagorean Theorem)),Special Right Triangles,Right Triangle Trigonometry.

Transformations,Parts of Congruent Triangles,Congruent Triangles SSS, SAS,Congruent Triangles ASA, AAS,Congruent Triangles HL,Properties of Isosceles Triangles,Ratios & Proportions,Similar Triangles,Identifying Similar Triangles AA,Identifying Similar Triangles SAS, SSS,Perimeter and Similar Triangles,Parallel and Perpendicular Triangles,Angles formed by Intersecting Lines,Corresponding Angles Formed by Parallel Lines.

Other Angles Formed by Parallel Lines,Parts of Polygons,Classifying Polygons,Angle Measures in Convex Polygons,Angle Measures of Regular Polygons,Parallelograms,Special Parallelograms,Trapazoids,Midpoint Segments,Ordered Pairs and Graphing,Distance Formula,Midpoint Formula,Slope of a Line,Equation of a Line in Slope Intercept and Standard Form,Graphing Lines,Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing.

Solving Systems of Equations by Elimination,Parts of a Circle,Secants and Tangents,Arcs and Angles,Arcs and Angles, Inscribed Angles,Arcs and Chords, Perpendicular Bisector,Length of Segments in a Circle,Perimeter.

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