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Basic Electronics I

Lecture 1: RVR BE 01 introduction

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Course Description :

Introduction - theory of semiconductors - pn juction - rectifiers - rectifiers - Filters - LEDs and photo diodes - SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) - BJT(Bipolar Junction Transistor) - Transistor in CB & CEconfigurations - JFET(Junction Field Effect Transistor)

JFET and MOSFET - biasing of transistors - biasing of transistors - biasing of JFETs - introduction to amplifiers - RC coupled amplifiers - transistor re model - h parameter model - BJT small signal analysis - JFET small signal model - JFET small signal analysis - feedback amplifiers - phase shift oscillators - Differential Amplifier - Operational Amplifier - Applications of Operational Amplifier - power amplifiers - realisation of logic gates - flip flops

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