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Basic Electronics I

Lecture 31: RVR BE 28 phase shift oscillators

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Lecture Details :

Video Lecture series from IIT Professors

Basic Electronics by Prof.R.V.Raja Kumar

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LECTURE 01 introduction
LECTURE 02 introduction
LECTURE 03 theory of semiconductors
LECTURE 04 theory of semiconductors
LECTURE 05 pn juction
LECTURE 06 rectifiers
LECTURE 07 rectifiers
LECTURE 08 rectifiers
LECTURE 09 LEDs and photo diodes
LECTURE 12 Transistor in CB & CE configurations
LECTURE 15 biasing of transistors
LECTURE 16 biasing of transistors
LECTURE 17 biasing of JFETs
LECTURE 18 introduction to amplifiers
LECTURE 19 RC coupled amplifiers
LECTURE 20 transistor re model
LECTURE 21 h parameter model
LECTURE 22 BJT small signal analysis
LECTURE 23 BJT small signal analysis
LECTURE 24 JFET small signal model
LECTURE 25 JFET small signal analysis
LECTURE 26 feedback amplifiers
LECTURE 27 feedback amplifiers
LECTURE 28 phase shift oscillators
LECTURE 30 Differential Amplifier 1
LECTURE 31 Differential Amplifier 2
LECTURE 32 Operational Amplifier
LECTURE 33 Applications of Operational Amplifier
LECTURE 34 power amplifiers
LECTURE 36 realisation of logic gates
LECTURE 37 flip flops

Course Description :

Introduction - theory of semiconductors - pn juction - rectifiers - rectifiers - Filters - LEDs and photo diodes - SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) - BJT(Bipolar Junction Transistor) - Transistor in CB & CEconfigurations - JFET(Junction Field Effect Transistor)

JFET and MOSFET - biasing of transistors - biasing of transistors - biasing of JFETs - introduction to amplifiers - RC coupled amplifiers - transistor re model - h parameter model - BJT small signal analysis - JFET small signal model - JFET small signal analysis - feedback amplifiers - phase shift oscillators - Differential Amplifier - Operational Amplifier - Applications of Operational Amplifier - power amplifiers - realisation of logic gates - flip flops

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