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Lecture 1: Android Application Development Tutorial - 1 - Download and Install the Java JDK

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Download and Install the Java JDK - Installing Eclipse and Setting up the ADT - Installing Android SDK and Set up Emulator - Setting up an Android Project - Overview of Project and Adding Folders - Introduction to Layouts in XML - Creating A Button in XML and Adding an ID - Setting up Variables and Referencing XML ids - Set up a Button with OnClickListener - Using setText method for our button - Adding Resources and Setting Background - Setting up an Activity and Using SetContentView - Introduction to the Android Manifest - The Framework of a Thread - How to Start a New Activity via Intent.

Activity Life Cycle - Adding Music with MediaPlayer - Create a List Menu from the ListActivity class - Setting up an ArrayAdapter - Starting an Activity with a Class Object - Finishing ListActivity - XML Introducting the EditText - XML ToggleButton, WeightSum, and Layout Weight - XML Padding and Setting Toggle to On - Quick Review by setting up a new Activity - If Toggle Button is checked - Set the Input Type of an EditText - Comparing Strings with else if - Set Gravity within Java - Setting Color of a TextView in Java.

Where's the Fridge, that's Random - Switch and Case - Creating a Method - Implementing Classes for Better Programming - XML ScrollView and AnalogClock - Setting up An Email Activity - PutExtra method for an Email Intent - XML ImageView for Camera Application - Starting an Activity for a Result - Getting Data from a different Activity - Finish Camera and Wallpaper App - Using BitmapFactory and InputStream to set Bitmap - Set Fixed Screen Orientation - XML Relative Layout - RadioButtons in a RadioGroup - Set the Radio to the OnCheckedChangeListener Station - Passing a String between Activities - Recieving Bread String from Activity - StartActivityForResult setup - setResult for the Start Activity For Result.

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