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Java (Intermediate)

Lecture 1: Intermediate Java Tutorial - 1 - Common String Methods

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Lecture Details :

This is a continuation of my previous java tutorials. Just didn't want the list to get too big. Enjoy!http://www.youtube.com/user/thenewboston#grid/user/FE2CE09D83EE3E28I think that link will work....

Course Description :

Common String Methods - Some More String Methods - Recursion - Introduction to Collections - ArrayList Program - LinkedList - LinkedList Program - Converting Lists to Arrays - Collections Method sort - Methods reverse and copy - Collections Methods fill - addAll - frequency, disjoint - Stacks, push, pop - Queue - HashSet - Generic Methods - Implementing a Generic Method - Generic Return Types - Introduction to Applets.

How to put an Applet on a Website - init for Applets - Drawing an Oval with Slider - Building the Window for the Slider - Finishing the Oval Slider Program - Learning about Threads - What do I look like, a Thread? - Beginning Networking - Making a Simple Networking Applet - init for Networking Applet - Listening for User Events - Getting the Data from the HTML File - Uploading and Testing the Applet - Creating a Simple Web Browser.

Building the GUI - loadCrap - Best Browser Ever? - Awesome Instant Messaging Program with Streams and Sockets - GUI for Bucky Instant Messenger - Setting Up the Server - Waiting for a Connection - Setting Up the Streams - whileChatting - Closing Down the Streams and Sockets - How to Send Messages - Displaying Messages in the Chat Window - Giving the User Permission to Type - Testing the Servers Instant Messenger - Beginning the Client Messaging System - Creating the GUI for the Client.

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