Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition

IIT Bombay Course , Prof. Ranjan K.Panda

Lecture 1: Introduction to Contemporary Issues

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Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition by Dr. Ranjan K.Panda,Dr. Rajakishore Nath, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

The Transcendent Mind : Revising the traditional notion of Consciousness - The nature of soul in Plato and Aristotle - Cartesian Dualism: res cogitans vs. res extensa, Cogito - the thinking self - Immaterialism: Idealism, Parallelism
A Materialistic Conception of Mind : Behaviourism: Methodological Behaviourism and Philosophical Behaviourism; - Ryle's Category Mistake - Mind-Body Identity theory : Sensations and Brain Processes - Functionalism: the nature of mental events, Brains and Behaviour.

Minds and Machines : Functionalism revisited - Computationalism: Can Computer Think? - Dennett's Multiple Draft Model - Chomsky and Fodor: The Language of Mind - Connectionism and Folk-psychology - Cognitive Psychology - Eliminative Materialism - Artificial Intelligence.
Rediscovering Consciousness : Biological Naturalism: locating the mind in nature - The structure of experience: the traditional problem revisited - Intentionality: Phenomenological or Naturalistic - Phenomenal Consciousness: Qualia and Quining Qualia.

Language, Representation and Meaning : Language of the Mind - Representation: Mental and Semantic - Intention Based Semantics.
The Non-computational/non-mechanical Mind : Cartesian theory of mind Revisited - Emergentism and Supervenience: Addressing the notion of Parallelism - Subjectivity - Argument against Private Sensation and Thought.
Consciousness, Experience and Values : Personal Identity - Free-will and Moral Agency - Creativity: Human Vs Mechanical.

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