Theory of Yarn Structures

IIT Delhi Course , Prof. Bohuslev Neckar

Lecture 1: Mod-01 Lec-01 Fibers and Yarns : Terms Definitions and Relations

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Theory of Yarn Structures by Prof.Bohuslev Neckar, Department of Textile Technologies, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Compression of fibrous assemblies : C. M. van Wyks theory, generalization of van wyks theory, comparison between theoretical and experiment results
Pores among fibres : Pores and their characteristics, relationship between fibers and pores, types of pores, applications
Orientation of fibres : Orientation vector, isotropic fibre orientation, model of anisotropic fibre orientation, orientation of fibres in three-dimensional sections, mechanical behaviour.

Mechanics of parallel fibre bundles : Hamburgers model, tensile behavior of fibre bundles considering different mechanical properties of fibers, examples
Modelling of intern al yarn geometry : General description of fibers in yarns, helical model of yarn, yarn retraction in ideal helical model, yarn stress-strain relation, model of radial fibre migration, model of equidistant migration, comparison between theoretical and experimental results,

Relations among yarn count, twist, packing density, and diameter : Koechlins concept, empirical corrections to Koechlins theory, mechanistic model, comparison between theoretical and experimental results
A stochastic model of yarn hairiness : Hairiness sphere, single exponential model, double exponential model, comparison between theoretical and experimental results

Bundle theory of yarn unevenness : Martindales theory of unevenness, theory of fibre bundles, comparison between theoretical and experimental results
Yarn strength as stochastic process : Peirces model of yarn strength, SEMG stochastic model of yarn strength, comparison between theoretical and experimental results

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