Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications

IIT Delhi Course , Prof. V.K. Tripathi

Lecture 1: Introduction to Plasmas

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Plasma Physics: Fundamentals and Applications by Prof. V.K. Tripathi,Prof. Vijayshri, Department of Physics, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Basics of plasmas : Plasma as a state of matter, Debye length, plasma frequency, collisions, dc conductivity, ac conductivity.
Plasma production and measurements : dc discharge, rf discharge, photo-ionization, tunnel ionization, avalanche breakdown, laser produced plasmas, Langmuir probe.
Waves and instabilities : Electromagnetic waves, Langmuir wave, ion acoustic wave, surface plasma wave, ionosphere propagation, two stream instability, Weibel instability.

Plasma confinement : Single particle motion in a magnetic field, motion in magnetic and electric fields, motion in inhomogeneous and curved magnetic fields, magnetic moment invariance, mirror confinement, tokamak confinement.
Applications : Medium and short wave communication, plasma processing of materials, laser ablation, laser driven fusion, magnetic fusion.

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