Ship Resistance and Propulsion

IIT Madras Course , Prof. V. Anantha Subramanian

Lecture 1: Mod-01 Lec-01 Syllabus and Introduction

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Ship Resistance and Propulsion by Prof. V. Anantha Subramanian,Dr. P. Krishnankutty, Department of Ocean Engineering, IITMadras. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Components of ship resistance, dimensional ananlysis, Froude's hypothesis and model analysis, frictional resistance, wave resistance, wind resistance; effect of bulbous bow and ship form on resistance, shallow water effects, added resistance.
Ship model tests and resistance data presentations, Prohaska's method ; Methodical series data - BSRA, Series 60; resistance of special types of hull forms and advanced marine vehicles.

Powering and efficiency components, screw propeller geometry, Propeller theories - momentum, blade element and circulation theories, vortex lattice method and CFD applications.
Dimensional analysis and similarities; Hull-propeller interaction; Open water and self-propulsion tests; Propeller cavitation - types, prevention, tests; Design of screw propellers - series charts, selection of engine.
Strength of propellers and manufacturing process; Powering of ships and sea-trials; Other types of propellers - shrouded, CPP, vertical axis, super-cavitating, podded, azimuth, podded propellers.

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