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Lecture 1: Books to Bench to Bedside Informatics for Autism Research

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May 31, 2006 - Isaac Kohane, Lawrence J. Henderson Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Health Sciences and Technology; Associate Professor of Medicine, HMS/Children's HospitalAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a socio-cognitive disorder which has a high (up to 1% by some estimates) prevalence in our society. More controversially, ASD is reported to be on the increase. Less controversially, ASD is known to have a strong inherited component as well as an environmental component. And yet, despite decades of research, precious little is understood about the causes of this disorder and existing therapies are often unsatisfactory. Notwithstanding, the genomic revolution offers the potential for some novel insights and therapies. The seminar will review the challenges and the solutions that computational approaches bring to a systematic understanding of ASD. The integrative role of computing in synthesizing insights from the genome, bibliome, imaging and other measurement modalities is reviewed and a broader role for computing in the investigation of complex diseases is proposed.

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Books to Bench to Bedside Informatics for Autism Research - An Introduction to the Dataverse Network as an Infrastructure for Data Sharing - Astronomy as I See It-Statistical Signal Processing for Modern High - Dimensional Data Sets - An Introduction to Computational Multi-physics: Motivations for Triple-M Modeling-Selected Applications Part-Theoretical Background Part - An Introduction to Computational Multi-physics: Selected Applications Part-Examples/Applications Part-Theoretical Background Part - Medical Imaging Computing: From Data to Understanding - From Bio-polymer Translation to Hemo dynamics: New Challenges in Multi-scale Computing

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