Power Electronics and Distributed Generation

IISc Bangalore Course , Prof. Vinod John

Lecture 1: Course introduction and overview

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Power Electronics and Distributed Generation by Dr. Vinod John,Department of Electrical Engineering,IISc Bangalore.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

Course Description :

Course introduction and overview - Distributed generation technologies - Distributed storage technologies - Distribution system protection - Circuit breaker coordination - Symmetrical component analysis and sequence excitation - Modeling of distribution system components - Protection components - Impact of distributed generation of distribution protection - Consumption and distribution grounding - Islanding of distribution systems - Modeling of islanded distribution systems - Distribution system problems and examples - Distribution system problems and examples continued - Anti-islanding methods - Solid state circuit switching - Relaying for distributed generation - Feeder voltage regulation - Grounding, distribution protection coordination problems and examples - Ring and network distribution - Economic evaluation of DG systems - Design for effective initial cost - Single phase inverters

DC bus design in voltage source inverter - Electrolytic capacitor reliability and lifetime - Inverter switching and average model - Common mode and differential mode model of inverters - Two leg single phase inverter - Distribution system problems, and examples - DG evaluation problems and examples - Switch selection in two level voltage source inverters and loss evaluation - Thermal model, management and cycling failure of IGBT modules - Semiconductor switch design reliability considerations - AC filters for grid connected inverters - AC inductor design and need for LCL filter - LCL filter design - Examples in power electronic design for DG systems - Examples in power electronic design for DG systems continued - Higher order passive damping design for LCL filters - Balance of hardware component for inverters in DG systems

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