Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow

IIT Kharagpur Course , Prof. S. Chakraborty

Lecture 1: Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction to Fluid Machines 1

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Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow by Prof. S.K. Som,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Kharagpur.For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Introduction to Fluid Machines - Energy Transfer in Fluid Machines - Energy Transfer - impulse and Reaction Machines, efficiencies of Fluid Machines - Principles of Similarity in Fluid Machines - Concept of specific speed and introduction to Impulse Hydraulic Turbine - Analysis of force on the Bucket of Pelton wheel and Power Generation - Specific speed, Governing and Limitation of a Pelton Turbine - Introduction to reaction Type of Hydraulic Turbine - A Francis Turbine - Analysis of Force on Francis Runner and Power Generation - Axial Flow Machine and Draft Tube - Governing of Reaction Turbine - Introduction to Rotodynamic Pumps - Flow and Energy Transfer in a Centrifugal Pump - Characteristics of a Centrifugal Pump - Matching of Pump and System Characteristics

Diffuser and Cavitation - Axial Flow Pump - Reciprocating Pump - Centrifugal Compressor - Axial Flow Compressor - Introduction to Compressible Flow - Thermodynamic Relations and Speed of Sound - Disturbance propagation, Stagnation and Sonic Properties - Effects of Area Variation on Properties in an Isentropic Flow - Choking in a Converging Nozzle - Isentropic Flow through Convergent - Divergent Duct - Normal Shock - Oblique Shock - Introduction to Expansion Wave and Prandtl Meyer Flow Potential Flow (Contd.) and Flow Past Immersed Bodies of Special Shapes - Flow Past Immersed Bodies and Sports Ball Aerodynamics - Pipe Flow - Principles of Similarity and Dimensional Analysis - Introduction to Fluid Machines

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