Ground Improvement Techniques

IISc Bangalore Course , Prof. G.L. Sivakumar Babu

Lecture 1: Need for Ground Improvement

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Ground Improvement Techniques by Dr. G.L. Sivakumar Babu, Department of Civil Engineering, IISc Bangalore. For more details on NPTEL visit

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Introduction:Need for Ground Improvement, Different types of problematic soils, Emerging trends in ground Improvement - Mechanical stabilization:Shallow and deep compaction requirements, Principles and methods of soil compaction, Shallow compaction and methods - Properties of compacted soil and compaction control, Deep compaction and Vibratory methods Dynamic compaction - Hydraulic modification:Ground Improvement by drainage, Dewatering methods - Design of dewatering systems, Preloading, Vertical drains, vacuum consolidation, Electro-kinetic dewatering, design and construction methods - Modification by admixtures:Cement stabilization and cement columns, Lime stabilization and lime columns - Stabilization using bitumen and emulsions, Stabilization using industrial wastes Construction techniques and applications - Grouting:Permeation grouting, compaction grouting, jet grouting, different varieties of grout materials, grouting under difficult conditions - In situ soil treatment methods:Soil nailing, rock anchoring, micro-piles, design methods, construction techniques - Case studies:Case studies of ground improvement projects.

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