Human Adjustment Processes

IIT Kanpur Course , Prof. Braj Bhushan

Lecture 1: Understanding Oneself

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Human Adjustment Processes by Prof. Braj Bhushan,Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit

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Who and what matters - Medical, behavioural and social interpretation of adjustment process:Biomedical model, Medical model and psychological adjustment, Adjustment process, Adjustment: The Normality - Dimensions of subjective adjustment:Selective Awareness, Tolerance, Autonomy, Personal Integration, Behaviour & Impulse Control, Self-realization - Human behaviour: The range of rewaction - Human adjustment process-II: Denominators of adjustment - Maintenance Needs, General adjustive behaviour, Characteristics of healthy development, Self Assumptions, Anxiety and Defense Mechanism, Neurotic nucleus and paradox, Task oriented reaction patterns, Damage repair mechanism, Defense mechanisms - Facets of human adjustment: Avoidance, withdrawal & compromise -

Emotions & adjustment: Appraisal of goal congruent and incongruent emotions, Emotions & health - Facets of human adjustment: Stress, Resilience and Coping: Stress, Biochemical regulation of stress, General Adaptation Syndrome, Symptoms of stress, Diagnostic criteria for Acute Stress Disorder, Burnout Stress Syndrome: Causes. Indicators and phases, PTSD, Diagnostic criteria for PTSD, Posttraumatic Growth: Domains and Models, Resilience and Coping - Aggression: Understanding Frustration, Model, Aggression Behaviour, Impulse control disorder - Psychological disorders: Causes of psychological disorders- biological, constitutional, socio-cultural, psychological; Neurosis & Psychosis, Adjustment disorders; Personality disorders - Take home from the course: Summing-up and feedback

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