Vibration control

IIT Roorkee Course , Prof. S. P. Harsha

Lecture 1: Basics of Vibrations for Simple Mechanical Systems

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Vibration control by Dr. S. P. Harsha,Department of Mechanical Engineering,IIT Roorkee.For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Basic Concepts: Review of free and forced vibrations with and without damping; Free and forced vibration of single, two and multi-degree of freedom systems with and without viscous damping - Basic Vibration Control: reduction at source, Active feedback control, vibration isolation - Vibration Generation Mechanism: Vibration generation mechanisms: Source classification, self excited vibration, flow induced vibration, field balancing of rigid rotors/flexible rotors and damping models and measures, Design consideration of material selection.

Passive Vibration Control: Basics, design of absorber, absorber with ideal spring, shock absorber, isolators with stiffness and damping - Active Vibration Control: Basics, Piezoelectric materials, electro rheological fluids, magneto rheological fluids, Magneto- and Electrostrictive Materials in Vibration Control, shape memory alloys and electro-magnetic materials - Vibration Measurement: Basics, data acquisition, FFT analysis and filters

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