Embedded software testing

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Lecture 1: Embedded Systems Basics Session 1

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Embedded Software Testing by Madhukeshwara H M,HCL Technologies,Bangalore.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in

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Fundamentals of embedded software testing:Introduction, Concepts of Testing, TEmb method, Test cases and test procedures, Principles of embedded software testing, creating a test harness, Commercial test tools - Software testing life cycle: multiple V-model, nested multiple V-model, master test planning, activities, testing by developers, testing by independent test team;Testing Methods:Dynamic Testing: Structured basis testing, Equivalence Partitions, Boundary Value Analysis, Problems with polymorphic code - Model-Based Testing: Synthesis- versus Analysis- models, Generating tests from state diagrams - Coverage Testing: White-box, grey and black box tests, Coverage measures Statement, Branch, Condition, Path and others, Coverage testing tools;Static analysis and code reviews:Code Reviews: Benefits of reviews, Review process, Checklists - Static Analysis: Static analysis concepts, the use of the compiler for static analysis, Static analysis tools, coding standards - Metrics: need for metrics, Using metrics to manage and control testing, Metrics for test

Software Integration:Software Integration: Importance of planning your integration, Top-down vs Bottom-up Integration, Practical integration models - Testing from Use Cases: Introduction to use cases, calculating test cases, Structured Basis testing for use cases, Generating test cases from use cases - Regression Testing: Purpose of regression tests, the build process;Test management:Configuration Management: Configuration items, Version control, Change Management, CM tools - Test Management: The test process, how the test process relates to the software V-model, Design by contract, Test-driven development, agile development processes

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