Advanced Control Systems

IIT Guwahati Course , Prof. S. Majhi

Lecture 1: Introduction

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Advanced Control Systems by Prof. Somanath Majhi, Department of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. For more details on NPTEL visit

Course Description :

Model Based Controller Design:Introduction - Control structures and performance measures - Time and frequency domain performance measures - Design of controller - Design of controller for SISO system - Controller design for TITO processes - Limitations of PID controllers - PI-PD controller for SISO system - PID-P controller for Two Input Two Output system - Effects of measurement noise and load;Frequency Domain Based Identification:Identification of dynamic models of plants - Relay control system for identification - Off-line identification of process dynamics - On-line identification of plant dynamics

Time Domain Based Identification:State space based identification - State space analysis of systems - State space based identification of systems - Identification of simple systems - Identification of FOPDT model - Identification of second order plus dead time model - Identification of SOPDT model - Steady state gain from asymmetrical relay test - Identification of SOPDT model with pole multiplicity - Existence of limit cycle for unstable system - Identification procedures - Identification of underdamped systems - Off-line identification of TITO systems - On-line identification of TITO systems - Review of time domain based identification - DF based analytical expressions for on-line identification - Model parameter accuracy and sensitivity - Improved identification using Fourier series and wavelet transform - Reviews of DF based identification;Design of Controllers:Advanced Smith predictor controller - Design of controllers for the advanced Smith predictor - Model-free controller design - Model based PID controller design - Model based PI-PD controller design - Tuning of reconfigurable PID controllers

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